taz nord | 02./03. March 2019 "Religion is something private"


Hourvash Pourkian initiates a protest march on Women's Day. She talks about the dispute when several groups distanced themselves from their demo in 2017 - and about new demands.



Hamburger Morgenpost | 02. März 2019

"Against the oppression of women"


Migrant women will take it to the streets in Hamburg on Friday (March 8th, 2019).


 Hamburger Morgenpost | 05. August 2018


"That's why the CSD (Christopher Street Day) is still important"

EMMA Magazin | July 2018


Iranian women in exile: Hourvash Pourkian: "My life was wonderful!"


Hamburger Abendblatt | 09. May 2017

"Role model USA - women's demonstration on the Alster"


More than 20 clubs call for a protest march on Saturday for more respect and peaceful coexistence.


Vital Magazin | September 2015

"Around the world in 4 days"


Strangers become friends: With the "Switch" project, Hourvash Pourkian builds bridges between cultures.



Loved & Found | February 2015

"Strangers are friends we don't know yet!"


Hamburger Abendblatt | 19. April 2012

"Chancellor honors Hamburg initiative Switch"


Six of the 25 award-winning social projects in Germany come from the Hanseatic city. Kulturbrücke association receives 5000 euros for its integration concept.


Die Welt | 16. November 2010

"A World tour in your own city"


Iranian woman inspires children in Hamburg for foreign cultures. The Switch initiative is now celebrating its fifth anniversary.


Die Welt | 26. October 2010

"Autumn reception"


Ms. Hourvash Pourkian receives the honorary award.



Hamburger Abendblatt | 17. September 2010

"Building bridges for the children"


The organizer Hourvash Pourkian brings families together. Nobody listened to her ten years ago.


Die Welt | 15. November 2007

"Small trip around the world with a big impact"


Integration award: With the "Switch" project, Hourvash Pourkian brings the foreign up close to children.


Hamburger Wochenblatt | 17. April 2007

"Hourvash Pourkian fights for world peace"



Deutschland Magazin | February 2003

"Portrait of the businesswoman and author"


Hamburger Abendblatt | 22. January 2003

"Her motto: Responsibility makes you powerful"


Welt am Sonntag | 19. November 2000

"Women Are Better Bosses"



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