Why we need a women's party

"I will fight for equal rights for girls and women until my last breath."

That is the promise of Hourvash Pourkian, founder of the "International Women in Power" initiative. The successful businesswoman and human rights activist has been fighting for equal rights for women her entire life. All over the world, but especially in Islamic countries, women are affected by oppression, violence and discrimination, says Pourkian. Now she wants to launch a party - by women, for women. A party that stands up for women's rights and fights for women, men and humans worldwide to finally and truly have equal rights.

 taz nord | 02./03. March 2019 "Religion is something private"


Hourvash Pourkian initiates a protest march on Women's Day. She talks about the dispute when several groups distanced themselves from their demo in 2017 - and about new demands.



Hamburger Morgenpost | 02. März 2019

"Against the oppression of women"


Migrant women will take it to the streets in Hamburg on Friday (March 8th, 2019).


 Hamburger Morgenpost | 05. August 2018


"That's why the CSD (Christopher Street Day) is still important"

EMMA Magazin | July 2018


Iranian women in exile: Hourvash Pourkian: "My life was wonderful!"


Hamburger Abendblatt | 09. May 2017

"Role model USA - women's demonstration on the Alster"


More than 20 clubs call for a protest march on Saturday for more respect and peaceful coexistence.


Vital Magazin | September 2015

"Around the world in 4 days"


Strangers become friends: With the "Switch" project, Hourvash Pourkian builds bridges between cultures.



Loved & Found | February 2015

"Strangers are friends we don't know yet!"


Hamburger Abendblatt | 19. April 2012

"Chancellor honors Hamburg initiative Switch"


Six of the 25 award-winning social projects in Germany come from the Hanseatic city. Kulturbrücke association receives 5000 euros for its integration concept.


Die Welt | 16. November 2010

"A World tour in your own city"


Iranian woman inspires children in Hamburg for foreign cultures. The Switch initiative is now celebrating its fifth anniversary.


Die Welt | 26. October 2010

"Autumn reception"


Ms. Hourvash Pourkian receives the honorary award.



Hamburger Abendblatt | 17. September 2010

"Building bridges for the children"


The organizer Hourvash Pourkian brings families together. Nobody listened to her ten years ago.


Die Welt | 15. November 2007

"Small trip around the world with a big impact"


Integration award: With the "Switch" project, Hourvash Pourkian brings the foreign up close to children.


Hamburger Wochenblatt | 17. April 2007

"Hourvash Pourkian fights for world peace"



Deutschland Magazin | February 2003

"Portrait of the businesswoman and author"


Hamburger Abendblatt | 22. January 2003

"Her motto: Responsibility makes you powerful"


Welt am Sonntag | 19. November 2000

"Women Are Better Bosses"



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