Power makes tired women happy

Power makes tired women happy


The future will be female


- when women learn to recognize their values and use their potential.


You have to support and unite each other. 


The authors - father and daughter - have analyzed the power position of women past and present and come to the conclusion that women are entitled to a significantly more powerful position in society in the 21st century.


This book shows women and men the future-oriented potentials that result from a fair distribution of power and encourages them to use these opportunities for the good of all people. 


"We have long learned from history that only a balance of power guarantees long-term success for productive, fulfilling and peaceful coexistence."

Prof. Dr. Michel E. Domsch in his foreword.


The book by Human and Hourvash Pourkian is not only an extremely readable work with a wealth of information and new perspectives on the supposedly familiar, but also a treasure trove for many stimulating, controversial and certainly also provocative discussions - not only among women, but also between women and men and hopefully among men too!


"Power makes tired women happy - women’s claim to power in the 21st century and why men do not lose"

 by Human and Hourvash Pourkia


Internationaler Human Verlag, Hamburg 1998, 240 pages

15 euros ISBN 3-9806223-0-4


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