In the Distance  the Distance - Anthology

Cheerful, carefree security accompanies Mithra's childhood and youth. She is the protagonist in "Butterfly", a story by Hourvash Pourkian.


She left Iran over twenty years ago and started a new life in the West. She is a successful business woman, but the longing for her former childhood, friends and relatives, the locations of memories remain. After careful consideration, she put into practice her decision to see her old home again. In the retrospective, the pain for the former home is transformed into a longing for a distant world, the butterflies, a symbol of serenity, joie de vivre and lightness that no longer exist. Memories remain are images that she will never forget. But the present has other messages.

"In the distance the distance" - Anthology


Internationales Kulturwerk, Hildesheim 2001, 170 Pages

Euro 15,– ISBN 3-910069-90-8 (the book is sold out)