by Hourvash Pourkian

Hourvash Pourkian has been a public figure ever since the publication of her book with her father in June 1998, "Power Makes Tired Women Happy". After the presentation in October 1998 at the Frankfurt bookfair, the success and positive response to the work and the person continued. Numerous lectures on the topic of "Women in the Business World" followed.


Traveling around the world as a businesswoman, she experienced many different cultures and the structures of men's business life. Hourvash Pourkian also had to experience how disadvantaged women are in the male-dominated business world.


In the years between 1988 to 2007 Hourvash Pourkian had her own Jeans & Casual wear label "Shamo Jeans Sports". She did business in a wide variety of countries and was also based there at times. From 1989 to 2000 she produced in South Africa, from 1990 to 2007 in Turkey. Business trips and manufacturing facilities in Czech Republik, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, China, Macau and Hong Kong followed.


In addition to business activity, friendships were made with local people. Hourvash Pourkian, made it her mission to support women in the professional world and in setting up their own business. She particularly supported founding women in South Africa, Portugal and Turkey. These experiences have shaped her a lot. Out of this commitment, she decided to work as a social entrepreneur.


In 2001 she was part of the competence team as a consultant for equality of the future Hamburg mayor Ole von Beust.


In 2002 to 2011 Hourvash Pourkian was  appointed into the Integration Council of the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg. She was a permanent member of the Integration Advisory Board.


Influenced by her work on the integration advisory board, Hourvash Pourkian decided in 2003 to found the non-profit association Kulturbrücke Hamburg (Bridge of Culture). The aim of the association is to improve intercultural exchange and the promotion of dialogue between people of different ethnicities and to reduce prejudices.


From 2004 to 2013, Hourvash Pourkian produced and presented more than 250 programs on the local broadcaststation Tide TV, with her own program format “Bridge of Culture TV”.


In 2005 Hourvash Pourkian created her own international project called "SwitchKids cultural exchange in their own city". The aim of the project is, to bridge cultures with different ethnicities to prevent dicriminiation, prejudices and racism.


The award-winning SwitchKids project, which is financed by sponsors, aims to lay the foundation for cosmopolitanism and tolerance from childhood and has been a success story ever since.  


The SwitchKids project was followed by other very successful integration projects such as SwitchBigs, SwitchArt, SwitchMind and SwitchTutor.


In addition to Hourvash Pourkian's central theme, promoting integration, she has been committed to strengthening women's rights for years. For the 100th International Women's Day, she founded the IWP International Women in Power initiative in March 2011.